Teacher Motivation Research 2016-2017

This project now has its own website


The goal of the Hinds Research Teacher Motivation Project is to focus on the UNESCO Teacher Motivation Working Group (TMWG) research objectives identified in 2015, namely to define and measure;

  • teacher motivation,
  • factors influencing teacher motivation,
  • the relationship between teacher motivation and student learning.

Proposed and led by Joan-Mary Hinds, the project commenced in mid 2016.

Key stages of this project are: 

  1. Desk research of global research to date into teacher and educator motivation (ongoing)
  2. Qualitative research using teacher focus groups (completed)
    • Delivery of an interim summary report: themes and research implications (completed)
  3. Quantitative survey of teachers working in public and private schools (completed)
  4. Advanced statistical analysis and data interpretation (completed) 
  5. Conclusions summary reports (ready for download)
  6. Creation of programs and tools to support teacher motivation in Australian schools - the Motivated Teaching Program is being piloted in mid 2017.

It is hoped that the research will deliver practical outcomes to support teacher motivation within Australian schools driven by evidence based identification of the factors that make a difference to and are most likely to raise teacher motivation levels and thus student performing and learning.

This project is sponsored by PTC NSW - the Professional Teachers Council of NSW.