Our services

Our research projects combine qualitative (focus groups, interviews) and quantitative (surveys) methods to find answers to your specific people challenges. Your project may require a unique combination of our services.


New Research

Your business and people challenges may require an entirely new combination of research methods and tools. Our customised research is all about solving new problems, answering new questions and delivering new solutions. We have created 'new' research investigations to report workplace stress in different industries, integrate attitude profiles with HR analytics, clarify bullying and harassment definitions, and to delve into gender bias and diversity. Emerging challenges require innovative research solutions.


Culture ambition discovery

Investigation to define the culture ambition - the behaviours, attitudes and operational dimensions your business needs today and tomorrow. The methodology combines a facilitated leaders workshop with manager interviews and employee focus groups. Outputs are a written report and visual representation of your culture ambition. 





A powerful methodology to understand and quantify your corporate culture. By combining interviews, focus groups, a survey and advanced statistical analysis, Culture Imaging delves deeply and reports accurately. You receive reporting of your culture ambition versus reality, strategy enablers and barriers, performance differences across the business, and culture alignment action recommendations. Use culture imaging to guide strategy, achieve alignment, report to the Board, and guide HR management.




attitudinal employee segmentation

Attitudinal employee segmentation empowers you with complete knowledge of your people by identifying and describing your different employee types.  For every segment a workplace profile is created to describe attitudes, motivations, skills and behaviours. You receive segment reports containing profiles, proportional analysis and management recommendations. Use segmentation to guide talent strategy and make better decisions on how to recruit, deploy, manage and motivate.


Engagement and motivation surveys

The Engagement Motivation & Performance Index (EMPI®) is an award-winning survey measuring motivation and its workplace drivers. A tailored survey with extra questions specific to your business is deployed company wide and supported to achieve a high response. You will receive written analysis with action recommendations and results sets for units, teams and multiple demographic views. Use a survey to implement an engagement approach, raise motivation and monitor success.


peoplepie team surveys

Hinds Research has built the Peoplepie platform for team based motivation and driver surveys. This enables managers and SME's to access an award winning engagement tool online - anytime they want.  With different surveys for different occupations and easy fixed prices - Peoplepie is a terrific people management tool for managers at any level in an organisation. Contact us for access to Peoplepie.