Louisa Vanderkruk | Director



researcher | Consultant | business developer | speaker | CEO


Louisa is a highly skilled and innovative consultant with substantial experience leading diverse assignments to successfully execute employee and culture research, strategic change and action implementation strategies for business and government. Her career includes roles as a researcher, consultant, solutions developer and business manager. Throughout her career Louisa has demonstrated a capacity for effective project leadership and change management, translating complex insights into practical solutions and building successful business partnerships.

Louisa is a Director of Hinds Research and founding CEO of the Peoplepie platform.



       2017   IML (Institute of Managers and Leaders) TEL talks "What employees really want from leadership..."

       2016   TCCI Presentation. "The truth about employee motivation"

       2014   Women in Business Presentation: How to research culture effectively: the secret sauce for insights and action

       2012   Employee Engagement Conference: The first steps to build a culture of engagement and innovation

       2011   Change Management Institute Conference: changing culture with research and insights 


Career Highlights

2017   Commenced development of a suite of education focussed management tools Motivated Teaching

2016   Book publication Me. We. It. Compelling insights into the essence of human motivation (co-author/publisher)

2016   Launched Peoplepie - a cloud based platform for team management Peoplepie

2014   NSW State Government Management Consultant Pre-Qualification

2010   ABS We All Count employee research (2010 to 2013)

2009   Becomes CEO of Hinds Research

2008   Awarded and delivers multi-year research contracts for Health, Immigration, Centrelink, Brambles, Energex

2002   Appointed Director of Hinds Research

1999   Awarded Graduate Diploma in Management (AGSM)

1995   Joins Hinds Research after roles in IT, advertising and retail 

1990   Graduates with Bachelor of Business (marketing & management majors)