Joan-Mary Hinds PhD

Dr Joan-Mary Hinds |


Teacher | Policy Advisor | Researcher | Consultant | Author | Speaker


Joan-Mary is a highly qualified researcher and innovator in the field of employee motivation. Her career includes roles as a psychologist, teacher, university lecturer, human resources director, government adviser, management consultant, speaker and author. Throughout her career Joan-Mary has demonstrated her capacity for original hypothesis conceptualisation, sophisticated research design, data analysis and interpretation, reporting to meet investigative objectives and, most importantly, the identification of evidence-based advice and solutions via training and development programs and processes.

Over two decades she has directed a large number of research projects for business and government in Australia and overseas. Her intellectual property includes an award-winning survey instrument to measure of employee motivation and drivers (EMPI) and methodologies for advanced Culture Imaging and Employee Segment Profiling.


Career Highlights

2016   Commenced Teacher Motivation Research Project, sponsored by PTC NSW

2016   Book publication Me. We. It. Compelling insights into the essence of human motivation - available on Amazon

1995   Joint winner (as research supplier) Australian Public Sector award for Changing the Culture 

1995   Book publication The Hinds Model of Company Success, Millennium Books

1994   Book Chapter in New Directions in Management, McGraw Hill

1993   Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University, Australia

1993   Thesis Employee Boredom in the workplace: a contribution to motivational theory and organisational success

1992   Won ANZAM Award for Scientific Excellence - for motivation and driver measures

1990   Hinds Research consultancy opened (as Joan-Mary Hinds & Associates then Hinds Workforce Research)

1990   Golden Serif Award for innovative and successful employee communication processes



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