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We. Me. It.

Compelling insights into the essence of human motivation

Dr Joan-Mary Hinds (2016)

What motivates people?

The answer is surprisingly simple. You can sum it up in three short words. We. Me. It.

This book contains essential insights into motivation that you'll find intuitive and compelling. It will transform how you understand and achieve motivation. This sense-making book shows you how to motivate yourself and others with evidence-based data and practical advice.

If you read only one book on motivation - read this one! 

About the author

As a young teacher, Joan-Mary wanted the best for her students and began her lifelong research into what drives people, and why. She applied strict scientific process as she conducted ground breaking research into workplace motivation. Her results let to the development of award winning employee and company surveys used to raise motivation, employee satisfaction and - critically - the bottom-line results for scores of businesses and government agencies, large and small.


"This book holds powerful insights into motivation that are easy to grasp and apply - it has changed how I think about motivation for myself, my family and my employees." (R.Ward, CEO Appfire)

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