We focus people and culture towards success with evidence, insight and action.


How capable are your teams and culture to meet today's challenges?


Do you understand the culture you have?  Do you know the culture you want?

Of all the things you could do for better people management - which actions will have the most positive impact?

 Are your leaders and managers enablers or barriers for employee and team performance?


Research to drive best practice people management



Align people and culture to strategy by closing the ideal versus actual culture gap 

Raise Motivation

Measure and manage employee motivation and engagement with award-winning diagnostics

HR solutions


Remove guesswork and know which actions will have a positive impact on employees, teams and culture


Improve communication

Interviews, focus groups, surveys and workshops give employees and managers a voice

better decisions

Data and insights for evidence based decision making and action planning


Identify strategies to attract and retain talent, raise productivity, and encourage innovation


Consulting to deliver quality outcomes

  • Well designed research. By selecting best-fit tools and methods we will uncover useful insights and answer your people, culture and change questions.
  • Answers not information. By turning data into actionable insights we can provide solutions for your specific organisation.
  • Delivery on time and in budget. By providing full service project management and true partnership we guarantee to deliver what you want when you need it.
  • Achieve independence. By transferring our skills, knowledge and tools to you and your teams we ensure that in the future - you will no longer needs us!




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An exciting project for the education sector to investigate and understand teacher motivation dynamics and drivers.



Buy Dr Hinds' new book about motivation. Learn about motivation and how it operates in humans at work and at play.


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